Monday, 21 September 2009

Oh yh, i have a blogger

" has been over-whelmed with the amount of new bloggers signed up in the pass 9 months"

i haven't blogged ina while, could be blamed on laziness of coz i just dont care!

Any way, i believe NO ONE will read this post!

Buh....Mi nar care

Basically i could write what ever the hell i like,

  1. Who i feel
  2. Who i wonna bait
  3. Who i wonna beat
  4. & Deeper shit about me (if any1 cares, which dey probably wouldn't coz no1 would read this post i fink :S)

should i????.... it will probably be better than half these blogs around!

Ahhh Mi Nar No

Monday, 6 April 2009

Just get "SHEG'D"

Nah Nah NAH!!!

I haven't been out properly 4 TIME man!...... Mina

I've found more INTRESTS!

Wondering about the cupboard i'm making.....

No? Yes? No? No?

Anyway its coming along great, but da deadline is soonish, *Am i meeting it?*

Your probably looking at it & thinking....."Looks like any cupboard init"
Well, i forgot to add the Time machine and Jacuzzi....Ma bad =/


Please believe me when i say car insurance is NOT a joke, I repeat car insurance is NOT A JOKE.

Hear what i'm saying:AN INSURANCE COMPANY'S DREAM/NIGHTMARE......(get it?)

Getting a quote for 7 grand on a 52 plate hatchback 1.2 LITRE is not funny at all.

You know when someone says something DUMB! & you laugh at there stupidity.......It dont even deserve one of them laughs.

Experimental time!!!

Normal details

(Click the picture to enlarge)


Fake Details

Oh Look!! I've turned into a girl :0 Now lets see what the insurance price is saying!


We just say no more......

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


....I wish my eyes had a camera in them, and there was a button on the side of my head(to take da pics) and a usb port on my shin to upload the pics on my computers!!!

Other than tennis, i wish i had a proper intrest. Everything seems DUD these days.
Maybe its just me, but i doubt it.


I refuse to watch Eastenders dis year, SIMPLY BECAUSE, when da hell is Danielle gonna tell Ronnie shes is her bloody daugther - Dragged tooooo far!

Some of these grime artists dont wonna grime anymore. I cant wait for "catch me if you can", Microphone champ" and "Race against time", if these let me down i give up on grime FULL STOP.

I've been ebaying aswell and one stchuped buyer decided he was going to do nonsence.
Its all a par!

TV is fairly DUD too, the best thing on TV at the moment are these guys:

(The inbetweeners)

&& Do i really want to go uni? I'll definately get da grades but..... I dunno!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Busy *Work* Busy *Work* Busy *Work* !!!!!

I've been mad busy lately, all my A level subjects are at its peak at the moment!

  • Product design.... I'm making a full sized cupboard! (I'll keep you posted ;) ...)
  • Media.... We're filming a music video, editing and everything!!
  • Drama.... We got a performance in two weeks, so we're doing mad rehearsals!!
I'll survive!!


Taking the bus, taking the tube, taking my feet :S ........I come across a lot of things

Some1s idea of a practical joke (Huhar!) :

Sad times...

I dont get it at all...maybe i should have read it all:

Them mad cowards!

(Look at that blaady distance man!!)

I wanna party HARD...(8)

(Solid vibzin!)

Lets all get involved!!


(Guess what this is.....)

And last but not least








[If you know me, you'll know driving has been mad stressful for me. I've had 4 different instructors. One made me stop at 1 shop almost every lesson so he can have "a slash" :S & so he could buy munch. AND on the day of my 1ST test he took the car to the car wash DURING MY 1HOUR AND HALF B4 THE TEST to wash the blaady car! I failed, he got dumped!] :)

Monday, 16 February 2009 dot dot...

I've been on ebay all day, and yet again I've come across another Stchuped seller

(Excuse my images, i repeat i dont have photoshop and this is the best i could come up with :) ...)

It says.... : "This phone has had no problems up until when it was dropped on to the pavement" ......... :S huh? There is actually no point of writing that!

& "(I wouldn't have a clue how to fix it haha)" .... :S ... HUH?! There is definately 100, 000% no point of writing that!

  • Too much honesty
  • Dumb description


No shattap NO! NO!

For some strange reason, these days i have plenty free time!!

It gets MAD boring at i ebay

...You don't need me telling you that you can get anything on ebay, BUT

"You can get anything on ebay!!!!"

Whilst i was ebaying, i came across this :

"Been well worn but still have plenty of were left"

Errmm.....NO! They do not look well worn!!!

(Excuse the quality of my edited pictures, i don't have photoshop. But when i do get it, i'll be better than skeps, rich and all the photoshop guys....................................................................................................................... dskjskdksdjsbjbbdhbdsdusdsdsdndkdhjhjhhj;lgjffjngjrughrugnjfhabfhalr
Okay.... i might be chatting rubbish but you know what, a broken clock is right twice a day :) ...)

Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 93.8% .......... Guys try it, so negatives are left. Then they get angry because i hotted them so they leave negative too.......

Deeper pains & pars!! CONT....

*Remember my likkle trip to the dentist??* (

...My wisdom tooth on the top left side of my mouth was rolling, which meant flapping gum!!

Couple days after the useless dentist refused to remove the gum so i can eat properlings (properly) i ended up SWALLOWING IT! (woke up in da morning & it was gone!).

MINA...... I was able to munch proper

HOWEVER, the wisdom tooth on the top right side of my mouth wanted to join his friend and also roll.....ALRIGHT COOL, im not wasting another trip to the dentist, I'd rather suffer.

  • The gum started flapping
  • I start moving it around with my tongue.

two 2's ....................

IT FELL OUT......... i was sad... but also happy it came out!